Saturday, August 1, 2009


To pass the time waiting and wondering which little Princess will join our family, Tyanna and I occasionally went shopping for her. Because my heart was so set on a 3 year old, we have been shopping for size 3T. Oh, if we are wrong, the poor Princess will end up naked.

One of the things that Tyanna found was one of those mini animal blankets. It was a mini pink blanket with an adorable giraffe on the top. We actually found two. So, we bought them both: one to keep in America and one to hopefully send to China once we are matched.

Every night I would sleep with Giraffee (pronounced jer-af-ee). One of the things I did was annoint her with oil and pray over her as though I was praying over our little Princess. I also would put lavender oil on her. Giraffee became a little promise to hold onto... someday my baby will be united with us and we would hold her close.

Another day of shopping came and went... they seemed to come and go all to frequently. On one of our shopping excursions, we found a Giraffee bath towel. We were excited... super excited... UNTIL, we found out Giraffee wasn't a giraffe at all; she was a cow. Oh no!... now what do I do? I fell in love with Giraffee. I had already slept with her for a couple months. But, it was all to clear: Giraffee needed a name change. Giraffee is now officially Giraffee-Moo-Moo.