Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Years Home... What's Her Vocab Like?

Gabriella came home July 31, 2010...

These photos were taken August 2012.

She is now a big sister to the super flexible monkey: Amaris Nanette...

While I haven't written down her daily phrases, I thought I would capture these. She is 5yrs. 7mo. old.

Here number 1 question each day, literally asked somewhere between 150-200 times per day:
"Mama, what zu dean-er?" (which means: "Mama, what's for dinner?")

  • "Uh-oh uh-ma-rez bad choices!" (which means: "Uh-oh, Amaris made bad choices!")
  •  "So, so ummy" (which means: "I want something to eat")
  • "Ooooh...ummy" (which means: "This is really yummy!")
  • "Belle-Belle eating feet!" (which means: "Belle is eating her feet" Our dog Belle is allergic to our grass and has owee's)
  • "Chai-Chai sick" (which means: "Our dog Chai died and lives with Jesus now")
  • "Toys-aye" (which means: "I want to play toys!")
  • "Game right-so now?" (which means: "I want to play a game right now!)
  • "Potty!" (which means: "I have to go potty")
  • "Potty - yes!" (which means: "Amaris went potty")
  • "No nigh-night!" (which means: "I don't want to go nigh-night, but I will.")
  • "Wha-chu get me mama, two hours? (which means: "When are you getting me from my nap, mama? Two hours!")
  • "Bye-bye car-car" (which means: "We are (or, Are we) going bye-bye car-car.")
  • "Walker come?" (which means: "Is my walker coming?")
  • "Baba's home! Baba's home!" ... as she screams or squeals in delight (which means: she is really, really happy... and mama is too!)
  • "Wo ai ni" (which means: "I love you" in Chinese)
  • "Candy, read?" (which means: "May I read to you and get a piece of candy?")
I remind her that she needs to speak in a complete sentence, so she will re-phrase her one and two word sentences generally to this: "I want ..." or "I want to..."

Interestingly enough, while her expressive language is still fairly low, her receptive language seems to be growing rather quickly. I speak to her just as I would any other child...  though I have to repeat myself often.

Gabriella can read the Kindergarten and First Grade "Bob" books... which is fun to watch...
Here are some sample pages from one of the series that we are in right now:
  • "Molly's Mom had a big hat, but Mom was hot."
  • "But the red car did not start."
  • "And that was the end of jumping on the bed. "Good night, Meg. Good night, Fred.""
  • "Jon had six pennies. Dolly had ten pennies."
  • "Mop ran after Jack and Zack."