Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day of Words with Gabriella

Gabriella has loved being a big sister to her "besta friend" Amaris. 

I decided to follow the girls around and write down some of their phrases. These are some of the things that Gabriella is saying right now:

  • "Fow-fer" (I want a GIANT "flower" on my head, not a bow!)

  • "What's that smock?" (Where's my smock so I can eat?)

  • "More wader" (I want more water please)

  • "Uh-mare-jay" (Her pronounciation of "Amaris")

  • "Me besta-friend" (Speaking of Amaris, and sometimes of our mama's helper nanny: Andi)

  • "No Belle eat me food!" (She is telling the dog not to eat her food)

  • "Me eat it first, Belle second!" (I ate my hummus first, the dog ate it second... don't freak out mama... no germs!) ... 5/7/13

  • "Baba, me sleep a dream Baba. Is your back owee?" (This is the first time Gabriella has spoken about having a dream... she dreamed about Baba having a bad back - which he has never had, nor did he, but it was exciting to hear that she is dreaming and that she can now express that)... 5/17/13

  • "Me more?" or "No, me more?" (I want more... can I have some?)

  • "What's that?" (She asks this question a lot)

  • "Me look!" or "Me see?"

  • "Me like it!" (Generally this is in reference to food... which he talks about ALL day, asking what her next meal is and when)

  • "Baba me true loves kiss!" (Baba is my true loves kiss, Mama is Amaris' true loves kiss... this phrase comes from one of our favorite movies: Enchanted)

  • "No bite me sitter!" (Amaris, don't bite me!")

  • "Me yes to like it!" (I like whatever it is... ie. milkshake)

  • "Mama, good driving!" 

  • "Close eyes! Close eyes! Close eyes! Look! Me!" (In absolute squealing delight she yells... generally to Mama or Baba something that she really is excited to show us)

  • "Mama, delish! Mama, thank you me make me milkshake Mama!" (Mama, this is delish (we sometimes say this instead of delicious)... Thank you for making me my milkshake Mama!)... 7/3/13

  • "Look, me all by myself!" (She was reading a math pattern: blue, blue, red)... 7/3/13

Our Little Love Bugs!

Here is a snapshot of our littlest Love Bugs!

These photos were taken July 6, 2013.