Friday, November 18, 2011

Birth mama, to the Orphanage, to foster China mama, to Forever Mama

Gabriella's short story.

She was abandoned 590 days after birth: 1 year 7 mo. and 15 days later.

She spent approxiametly 318 days in the orphanage, or about 11.5 months.

By June 1, 2009, she was placed in the Grace and Hope foster care program with You Mu Lan. They are now Chinese foster sisters. Gabriella was in foster care for just under 14 months before we adopted her.

RE-ADOPTION on National Adoption Day

Today is National Adoption Day.

Gabriella is being re-adopted.

While we were in China picking up Gabriella, we had the very pleasant surprise that Gabriella was left at the gates of her SWI with a note attached: her birth mama had given her a name and also recorded her date of birth.

So, today, we are officially adding ANOTHER name to her already beautiful name. I am not mentioning this name because this is ONE of the links we have to identifying her family sometime in the future.

Thank you Jesus for this special gift.

Oh, and one other thing. Today Gabriella got her VERY FIRST (AND ONLY) Happy Meal from McDonalds... and, only because it was free. Her next Happy Meal she can get when she is 16.

While we celebrate with Gabriella today, there are two more princesses waiting for us in China.

Princess Amaris...

And, possibly identified (Nov. 25th) Annabella (but God will have to show Himself REALLY BIG if we get this little one). Her story is just beginning, but God is leading...