Monday, August 16, 2010

Tyanna Turns 16 and the WHOLE World Can Now Know!

Monday, August 16th was a very special day in our home! Tyanna celebrated her 16th birthday and invited her friends to our home.

The whole world can now know about her baby sister.

Tyanna wanted to keep her sister a surprise. She had secretly hoped that Gabriella would arrive during basketball season and she would just be able to bring her onto the court, but that didn't happen. So, she waited until it could.

With Gabriella's arrival home on July 31, 2010, Tyanna began figuring out when she could get the majority of her girlfriends to our home.

The girls started at the local ice skating rink, stopped for slurpees, and then came home and ate some hamburgers, chips and watermelon. Tyanna prepared her life video (birth to her family 16th party) for her friends to watch... and, at the very end, she added some words about the gift her parents gave her for her 16th birthday. (Of course, the truth is, if you read in one of the earliest posts, Tyanna had known for 16 years that God had two sisters for her). She ended her video with pictures of mama, baba, and mei mei and then pictures of her and Gabriella.

Before the video ended, baba brought in mei mei in her red Chinese outfit and holding a ladybug balloon.