Saturday, May 1, 2010

And, Her Name will be Called: "God is My Strength"

While Jason was at work, and I was on my way to get the kids from school, Jason texted me and asked us to begin thinking about a name for our baby.

It became a wonderful topic of conversation for the kids and I as we drove home from school. I told the kids that I wanted a really long Princess name, that when shortened, would still be cool. I also wanted a name that wasn't everyone else's name (at least in our country). A handful of names were mentioned, but when someone said "Gabriella", Kai, Tyanna and I said, this was definitely the name. Kai and I decided that we would call her Briella; Tyanna said she would call her Brie. Wow... that was easy. We were all convinced that God had given us that name.

BUT, then we got another text from Jason. He said, "I don't care what her name is, as long as it means "strength." I knew it was probably because we had decided to adopt from the SN (Special Needs) program from China. And, whomever we adopted, would need strength. I have to be honest though, when he said he wanted her name to mean "strength", we were devastated. We were so sure that Gabriella was going to be our daughter's/sister's name... now what were we going to do?

Within a few minutes, we arrived home. We all ran upstairs to the computers and started googling the name and meaning of "Gabriella." To our delight and hysteria, we found that the name Gabriella means "God is my strength." God had already pre-ordained the name of our littlest Princess. He is so good to us.