Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Bedroom for a Princess (or two)

It's Easter Sunday, 2010.

Sixteen years ago, when our son was two, the Lord gave me a vision of two little girls that looked like they were 3 and 5 years old. He never confirmed their age... but, in my mind, I thought that was how old they must be. What I did know was that they had dark shoulder-length hair and tan skin. I knew that I did not birth them, but that they were ours. I had no idea how we were going to get them. Our son and daughter have grown up knowing that they have two little sisters. Daddy always said, "When God brings them to our doorstep, I will know that they are ours. Since then, I have dreamed and prayed for our little princesses. My heart constantly ached for them. Millions of tears were shed for them. I knew that they were out there, I just didn't know where.

This photo was taken and added to this blog on 7/19/2012... 
Amaris has been home 3 weeks... she is 2 years and 5 months old... 
Gabriella has been home 2 years... she is 5 years and 7 months old...

My vision did NOT have two sweet little princesses in matching clothes, 
but I did know that they had dark hair to their shoulders and tan-skin.
The older girl turned and ran in the field behind her. 
If you read this blog, you will know that Gabriella could not even stand when we got her. 
She still, to date, has not taken a valid step by herself unassisted. 
But, someday soon, she will walk and talk, run and jump, hop and skip and play basketball. 
How do I know? The Lord gave me a vision now 18 years ago. And, I believe Him!

Fast forward 16 years. In April 2009, the Lord CLEARLY told me that I was to prepare the bedroom for our two little girls. I instantly knew exactly what the room was going to look like... even down to the comforters. I got on e-bay and searched for 5 days (all day) for Disney Princess comforters... but, never found what I was looking for... it was pink, had 3 princesses, and some type of fancy words on it. I was a bit frustrated I couldn't find what was so strongly embedded in my mind. On the fifth day, I prayed and asked the Lord what to do. As clear as clear could be, I immediately heard Him speak to my heart, "Go to Target!" I responded, "But I don't shop at Target." Then, I remembered who I was talking to. My prayer has always been that God will help me to hear His voice and that I would not question it. I grabbed my keys and left. Once I found the comforters in Target, I was amazed (silly me) that the comforters that were in my heart and mind, were right there on the shelf. Long story short, I bought all that I needed, matched paint, the border, the lamp, furniture, etc... and within a day or two, I had a beautiful princess room for two.

This was just the beginning. I had bigger plans for this room. While I was searching for princess comforters, I also was searching for princess beds. My heart was set on a particular castle bed... but, it was outrageous for a little princess... $3,500 - $6,000 depending on where I bought it. But, I knew it would be mine. So, I just prayed and confessed it would be so.

While the room was being prepared, so were hearts and the paperwork for our first little princess.

Jason had been on an international business trip. Being away from the family and seeing little ones from the country he visited, started to get him thinking about adopting.

I had intentionally NOT told him about the bedroom. If it was God's timing, I knew that God would speak to him separately. I have to say, I was a bit unsure of what his reaction to the bedroom would be... would he laugh... or, would he say his first swear word? I will say this... he was VERY surprised there was a completed princess room in his house.

God was working on his heart, because by the time he had landed in America, he was already thinking about adopting. Before the week had ended, we were already searching for an agency.