Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Travel Approval (TA) Came Today

July 2, 2010

Today is many things. It's a Friday. We celebrated the life of Grandma Hoppins. It was her would-be 44th wedding anniversary to Grandpa Hoppins. Today was also the day to finish packing up Grandma's home and bring what we would need or could use up to our home.

After dinner, while eating at the local Thai restaurant in Coos Bay, mommy asked daddy if he would check his email to see if Karla had emailed us with our TA. To our delight, while we were eating with Mrs. Todd, Taylor, and Grandma and Grandpa Fouts, daddy, Tyanna, Corban, and I found our our TA had arrived.

We also found out that we should know our consulate appointment (CA) date on Tuesday.
God is so good. He turns our sorrows into joy.