Monday, October 3, 2011

I have been working on life scrapbooks for Gabriella... So...

Because a significant number of hours are spent creating Gabriella's digital life scrapbooks, I have only been posting on Facebook all the amazing things that God has been doing in her life.

Since I haven't posted since Valentine's Day and now it's October, I will have lots to write about.

Gabriella now has a baby sister named Amaris, "God has promised." We waited to know who Gabriella was for 16 years and for Amaris for 18 years. documents the AMAZING miracles since Thanksgiving 2010 and how God brought Amaris to us.

We are currently looking for Annabella... if I were to make any guesses, she is probably 2, lives in Nanning, and has the SN label of "developmental delay". That's what my heart says... but, we are open to whatever age and wherever she is located. Our papers are ready for two... I can't imagine not bringing her home in the spring 2012, but that is a possibility.

One of my hearts greatest desires is to bring home a 1-4 year old Xi'an or Yulin Starfish princess home. Someday I will be a Starfish Mama... even if it isn't in 2012.