Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gabriella's FIRST Hair Cut Home!

We are celebrating two years home with Gabriella. She came home July 31, 2010... since then, we have been growing her hair...

Every day, for MONTHS, she has proudly told us, "Hair sooooo long!" She runs her fingers through it with great pride. Most days, we hear this comment multiple times per day.

Baba has told her for a couple months now that she is going to get a haircut. Gabriella looks at me for some serious clarification. "Uh, yeah... we won't be doing that!"

But, Mama let Gabriella get a trim.

So, Mama got the balloons, the princess crown barrette and planned for a dinner out...

Gabriella is looking at Baba... she can't believe it is FINALLY her turn!
Joe gives Gabriella her first hair wash in the sink!

This is the BEFORE picture!

This is her first cut of hair... "Bye Bye Hair!"

She is showing off her beautiful, sparkly crown clip. 
She wasn't styled by "dooz"... she just got her goodies from them!

 Here's her team of professionals!

Gu Gu Corban got his hair cut a couple weeks ago here.