Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney on Ice... This Time with a SISTER!

November 1, 2012

This is year #3 experiencing Disney on Ice with Gabriella... 
this time with a SISTER!

Amaris has now been home 4 months and 
she absolutely loved it as much as Gabriella has. 
The girls are sitting with "Nanny"... our personal assistant 
who will travel to Disney World with us in a month!

Princess Amaris (the littlest princess) with Princess Gabriella

Awaiting the princesses with our new necklaces on. 

Gabriella announced that Santa was here... 
If only he knew... 

Who wants to see the princesses?

Princess Tiana and her prince... didn't like this show at all... 
it was very dark and evil, just like the movie. 

It was really fun sitting so close to the action... 

Flynn Rider is trying to convince Rapunzel of something... 
We sang along to most of the songs!
And, we also knew most of the words the characters said... hmm!
We love our princesses!


Our two princesses... waiting for two more to join us!

Princess Gabriella (age 5, Cinderella) 
Princess Amaris (age 2, Aurora)

And we lived Happily Ever After!