Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Trip to Disney World... lots of photos and a video!

On December 10th, Gabriella, Amaris and I hopped on an airplane to fly across the United States to visit some friends and then a bunch of princesses.

Gabriella was delighted to meet the princesses. She hugged everyone of them and introduced Amaris to them... she was so enamored with them... a requirement if you are a Fouts girl.

But, we never talked about Mickey and Minnie Mouse (outside of one little Minnie Mouse toy she was given), nor any of the other furry Disney friends... so, when Gabriella laid eyes on these characters, she was out of the stroller and sitting on top of my head (uh, literally... or at least trying to get there)... she was absolutely TERRIFIED of them... she screamed so loud that people could hear her if they were within a couple football fields of us in any direction... and, I am not exaggerating. My ears rang for many, many minutes after she had stopped screaming. I probably failed at being her understanding Mama at that moment...

Amaris, age 2, on the other hand, was already "cutting" past everyone else in line (seeing that I was pre-occupied with a screamer) and attempting to get photos and signatures of these same terrifying beings.

I am thankful for my nanny. Without her, I could not have accomplished this trip. When I hired her, I told her she had to do a few things in order to come to Disney World with me...

  1. She had to be able to control my kids and keep them safe
  2. Carry my drink and the girls
  3. Carry all of our bags, regardless of how many there were
  4. Carry Gabriella's walker, just in case she needed or wanted to walk
  5. Carry my little chair so that when we sat in lines, I could actually sit

Well, I am pleased to announce, she could do all that!

As we walked Disney World's Magic Kingdom, it was VERY clear, I had more bags than ANYONE in the entire park (again, I am not exaggerating)... I never once found anyone with as much stuff as me... but, I was prepared for just about anything. By the end of our trip, which was Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and a breakfast with some more characters, I only had the princess backpack you see in the bottom of the stroller. So, I did learn to re-duce as the days went on.

Introducing... NANNY!
My magical assistant... AKA stroller.

Our first day, we were so excited because we were having breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's Royal Castle. It was simply magical, but I was worried, because we hadn't yet seen a princess before.

So, we went into the Theater you see in the background and met Rapunzel, Aurora, and the most beautiful Cinderella you have ever laid eyes on. Later, we saw Mickey Mouse... our only furry critter Gabriella would ever stand next to... and, only once!

I thought Amaris was going to get in a Tangled mess when she grabbed on to her hair!

Princess Aurora...
Amaris' princess! 

Gabriella's princesss!

Once we met our favorite princesses, we were off to the castle!

It was time for our royal breakfast with Cinderella and her friends.

We took the elevator up... Amaris pushed the emergency bell 3 times... everyone in the whole restaurant knew we were arriving... not sure why the bellman thought he should tell her to ring it...
cause she didn't want to stop.

The girls were each given their very own wishing star!

They got their magical wands!

Within just a couple minutes of arriving (you can see that we only had our juice), 
Snow White (a princess they had never seen before and knew nothing about) was now at our table. 
Fortunately, she was a princess, and the girls were elated.

Snow White...



Our First Trip to Disney World YouTube Video: