Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeschool Captured via Photos

Originally written 2/5/13

So, yesterday (our first day of homeschool) I was trying to figure out the schedule, watch for cues when someone needed to eat, watch for cues when someone needed a change of pace, etc... that I forgot to take photos. So today I took photos of what our current homeschooling looks like.

I suppose it can only get better from here.

Homeschooling: Day 2

Gabriella hit the books... one book at a time... she reads all the instructions with me.
While she works, I give Amaris things she can do. 
But, Amaris decided on finding yellow beads all by herself and line them up. 

Later I tried to teach her patterning while she strung the beads.
Not sure if she understood the concept yet, but she did put them on in the correct order. 

By 9:30AM we took a break from workbooks and had a snack: apple bites with slivered almonds, honey-roasted sliver almonds, un-sweetened coconut and hemp hearts... all with a dash of nutmeg. Yummy!

Then, we started adding... Princess style of course. 

3 + 4 = how many?

Would you expect math to be any other way if you are a Fouts' Princess?

After a little math, we hit the books again and Amaris got out the sorting tray to sort some beads. 


While Gabriella worked on a number dot-to-dot, Amaris played with Noah and his ark. I sang a song requesting certain animals and Amaris had to find them in their line-up and add them to the ark. It was fun to see she knew each of the animals.

For lunch, we had some more curry chicken and salad before heading off to a nice warm nap.