Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Doctor's Visit

By the grace of God and my good friend Cheri, we were able to get an appointment with the leading adoption medicine doctor in our area. Our doctor was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful that she will be caring for Gabriella.

Somehow we almost missed our appointment. I had written the day down wrong on the calendar AND I missed the reminder phone call. Fortunately, they called my husband 45 minutes before our appointment. He tried to call me but my phone was temporarily misplaced. So, he was smart enough to call our daughter, who woke us up from our nap.

We were a few minutes late, but we were still given our whole hour.

A sedation MRI, from head to spine, was ordered. Cheri's bill for her son was $10,000 for that procedure. I am wondering what kind of deal I will get and whether or not she will get a referral bonus? :)