Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guilty... Found in the Cupboard!

While Baba was working in the kitchen tonight, I was conversing with Gu Gu Kai's girlfriend in the other room. I stopped though when I heard some rustling. I knew Baba was walking back and forth to the garage... because he was on an organizing mission.

So, what was all the rustling?

Princess Mei Mei was in the cupboard with her hands in a bag of bread. I caught her red-handed... pulling a piece of bread out, taking a bite of it, and putting it back away. I told her she needed to put the bread away.

I then walked away because she was closing the cupboard door. I wanted to see what she would do. Within seconds, the dogs had joined her and she was back in the cupboard sharing her loot. Boy those dogs really love her!