Sunday, August 29, 2010

We Found MULAN!

We are very excited to say that God has granted us our request. Since we started our adoption process May 1, 2009, we have prayed that if our daughter ever has a foster sibling or crib mate, that our daughter would always know who he/she is and that his/her family would be a Christian family that loves and honors our Lord.

We are excited to announce, that God has answered our prayers. Gabriella's foster sister, Mulan, was matched with her forever family in March 2010. She was actually adopted the week before Gabriella was to a Christian family in Canada.

I had the great privilege of speaking with Kelly and Tom on the phone August 28, 2010. We are very excited to be able to let the girls grow up knowing each other. For now, we are going to try to use SKYPE. Both girls are very excited to kiss each other's pictures when they see each other on the computer.

At 3 1/2, that's impressive their special bond.