Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping for Our Quilt Pieces

Tonight we shopped for our quilt pieces... I don't think it's a special day... it just so happened that everyone was home tonight.

We looked for our 100% cotton pieces of fabric (half of us chose 100% cotton felt pieces... but, had to return them and find the correct fabric) that represented us.

It was interesting to see the choices that the kids and Jason made. It was a fun family experience. We hope to get 100 squares from our friends and adoption acquaintances, so that we could create a memory for our little princess. We got 9x9 squares... just to make sure we had enough fabric.

Grandma Pirate is going to put the quilt together next spring when she returns from her trip on her pirate ship with Grandpa Pirate.

So, get your quilt piece to us soon. We are counting on it. It takes A LOT of quilt pieces to get to 100.