Saturday, December 25, 2010

First Christmas, Her Bike, and Her Diagnosis

Gabriella celebrated her first Christmas as a pro. She opened all her presents as though she had done that before.

Her big gift this year was a two-wheeled princess bike with training wheels.

To some, this gift was a bit ridiculous, since she has been diagnosed with "severe cerebellar atrophy." With this diagnosis, she has an inability to balance on her own while standing... ZERO balance.

Obviously, a child needs to be able to balance to ride a bike.

Do I look at the diagnosis or do I look at how big my God is?
God is bigger than ANY diagnosis. God is a healing God.

So, I bought what appears, in the natural, to be a waste of money, but I am believing with ALL MY HEART that Gabriella will get on it and ride it soon.

Some day she WILL ride this princess bike!