Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Jie Jie almost went to be with Jesus!

My jie jie Tyanna, age 16, almost went to be with Jesus. Mama and Baba and I were very scared.

Jie Jie's blood sugar dropped to 32. She had collapsed in the bathroom. Hit her head twice. When she became conscious again, she had some weird seizure-like activity.

Mama called 911. The fire fighters brought their aid car to our home. They worked on jie jie. They were eventually able to get a drop of blood from her. That's when they found out her blood sugar was dangerously low.

Jie Jie was WHITE, clammy and totally out of it. We gave her Mountain Dew to spike her blood sugar. Then we gave her some protein (Peanut butter... which she hated it) to maintain her blood sugar.

A couple hours later, the same thing happened again. This time, because everyone was at church for our Christmas Eve celebration, mama had to do everything.

She called 911 again while she was also calling Baba. Fortunately, mama was able to get jie jie to the hallway. Mama was also smart enough to put the key under the front door mat should this happen. So, the fire fighters were able to open the door and come right in.

Mama and baba opted out of the $25,000 ambulance ride to Children's. By all appearances, jie jie Tyanna appeared to be stable. Tests were run. My sister is healthy, but she needs to eat better and more often.

My family and I are thanking Jesus that she was kept safe.