Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New AFO's... Better "Times"!

Gabriella has had her new AFO's to help align her ankles since February, 24, 2012. In the last four days, I haven't had her stand to "time" her; but today, I decided I would see how she is doing.

In her second or third attempt, she stood for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This is her second best time ever. Her longest time standing unassisted was for 6 minutes and 13 seconds. If I could find the chord to our video camera, I would share the video of that miracle. These photos are not actually of her standing with these times, but just standing with her first AFO's.

 I think our camera must have been on the wrong setting. Ugh! 
Either that or I was attempting to take photos and catch her at the same time. 

Most of her attempts at standing last zero seconds to 15 seconds, but, in the course of 20 minutes, she will now stand, 30 seconds to a minute several times... which is SO MUCH better than her "times" a year ago... when she might have been able to stand a couple times a day for a maximum of 4-6 seconds.

These miracles have come through fasting, believing and praying for her total healing... it is so exciting to watch God's miracles unfold and her healing to be manifested.

And, now with the appropriate custom AFO's, we may even see more improvements as I did today. Praising Jesus!