Sunday, February 26, 2012

New AFO's... What would YOU expect to pay?

Gabriella has been complaining for the last couple months of her AFO's (orthotics that she wears on her feet to help stabilize her ankles). They have caused horrible dime-sized callouses on her inner ankles over the last year. But, her physical therapist never seemed to have any concerns when I asked her about them, and I didn't know if this was normal or not.

But, there came a day that I thought... maybe a doctor that deals in pediatric orthotics might know. So, I made an appointment... Gabriella saw him a few days later. He told me that because she is hyper-mobile (basically her ankles, feet and legs can do things most of us didn't even know were possible), that the only type of orthotic she should ever have is a custom-made orthotic that goes just below her knees.

He asked me if I wanted a quote. I told him I didn't need one right now, that if she has to get them, she has to get them. I am thinking to myself though, these are going to be ridiculous... I bet they will cost $600-$800 because they are "custom." Just great!

Well, a couple days later, I got the phone call. The gal on the other end of the phone said, the total (not including the $500 doctor and facility charges) would be $3,816.20. I asked if she could repeat what she just said because I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly. Then, I repeated it back to make sure I had heard her.

Well, at the fitting appointment, I learned that, that price didn't include the socks. I told the gal I would give her $8 or $10 for the socks... and, I would like several pair. Then, I asked if that was about how much they were. She smiled and said, I think they are a bit more. She told me she thought they were more like $30 for a pair of socks. But, she ran to get the price sheet. She came back to tell me they were $64 for the pair of socks.

I smiled and told her that I would like the socks she just put on my daughter to be free. I thanked her in advance for figuring out how she could do this for our now $4,316.20 adventure.

Next time I guess I will find out the total price before anything is done first. OR, I will get her fitted somewhere else.