Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gabriella's CHINESE Sister Came to Visit!

This week has been FULL of laughter... Jason and I just had to smile when they left... so, is this what it's gonna be like when Amaris comes? Oh, we can't wait! It is definitely more fun with two little ones!

Mulan and Gabriella

Gabriella and Mulan

Gabriella and Mulan looking at the scrapbook for China Mama and China Baba

Gabriella and Mulan have been blessed to be in Chinese foster care prior to their adoption. 
The relationship that Gabriella made with Mulan is definitely forever! They love each other!

We are so grateful for Grace and Hope for Children for choosing our girls to be in their program. Gabriella joined Mulan after Mulan's other foster sister, Ming was adopted. We are still looking for Mike and Nancy. Hey if you are reading this and know Mike and Nancy, would you please help unite us?

China Jie Jie, Ming Ming (Ming), China Jie Jie, China Mama, You Mu Lan (Mulan)

Mike, Ming, and Nancy
Do you know them? 
If so, please help unite us all! 

China Mama and China Baba generally open their home to two children at a time. Their care made a profound difference in Gabriella's life based on her referral papers and when she was put in our arms.

This week we took Mulan, her big sister Erica and mom Kelly and showed them our city. We had such a wonderful time together. The girls played with the little kitchen set, some Fisher Price Little People toys and toy sets, colored, read books, and chased each other with the car and motorcycle. Oh how I wish we could have kept Mulan longer.

This was our girls day at the zoo!
Patty, Tyanna, Erica, Gabriella, Mulan, Kelly

This was the ladybug on our tree 
crawling next to Tyanna. 
Ladybugs ALWAYS show up in our space 
when something special IS happening 
or is about to. 

This guy doesn't look too happy, 
but it was entertaining to watch him 
put on some "chalk" lipstick and color. 

This is our second adventure with Mulan and her family. Last year, in March 2011, we met up in Las Vegas. We are planning to take a "holiday" with them each year. Next year, it sounds like we will head to Manitoba, Canada for a few days. We had so much fun though that Jason wants us to fly there this summer so that we can spend some more time with them.

This is the blue hairbrush that will now come to every "holiday" we take with Mulan... Erica accidentally forgot about it in Las Vegas, but I told her if she forgot it this time, she would see it every "holiday" that we go on. I am thinking that she was thinking... "alright then Patty Fouts... if you want to haul that along... be my guest!" Well... it has now become our official tourist guide. 

With just 4 1/2 days together, the time went fast, but we are excited for the relationship that God has give us and look forward to the girls knowing each other forever and ever.

Mulan and her mommy Kelly
Gabriella and her mama (me) Patty