Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gabriella's SECOND Easter!

Home for 20 months now, Gabriella understands a little bit more about Easter... at least the Easter Bunny part of it. We are still working on the real meaning of Easter, but she just turned 5, so I think we are doing pretty good and by next Easter she should know the story of Jesus too!

She calls the Easter Bunny, "rabbit." 
This morning she woke up and asked, 
"Mama, rabbit come? Mama, Eggs here?"

We walked downstairs and her jie jie Tyanna had a special surprise for Mama and Mei Mei...

Kai is at Army Boot Camp, so we sent him his Easter card. Jordan, Tyanna, Corban, and Gabriella each got an Easter card as well. The princess wands are for the the Fouts girls... didn't think the boys would want one. 

Gabriella was delighted to find that the rabbit did come. She discovered this when she found out that the rabbit had eaten one of the carrots we left her.  Gabriella ate most of the carrots thereafter, even though she really HATES carrots. 

It was fun to watch her carry the carrots around for a while. They were quite tasty. 

I think Jie Jie Tyanna and the Easter Bunny brought Gabriella another ladybug... 

Watching Gabriella find the eggs this year was fun because she was just so excited. She couldn't find the egg in this photo below though. So, I took several photos of this scene and eventually, when she looked through the camera lense she saw it. 

Princess Mei Mei enjoying her SECOND Easter in America. Still waiting for her sisters in China to join her...

Corban, Tyanna, Gabriella, and Jordan