Monday, September 3, 2012

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten!

Twas the morning before kindergarten and mama takes her shower (like every morning)... while Gabriella and Amaris play together for less than 20 minutes.

I was so excited that I wasn't hearing... "MOM!" "MAMA... Uh-mare-jay (What she calls Amaris) bad choices!"

So, I decided to check on them... wow... only a couple toys were out. No need for the camera... at least I didn't think so. Next time I will take a photo of just one or two toys out so that I can SHOW them what good choices are.

I zoomed back into the bathroom to finish getting ready... only to come out a few minutes later...

This is what I found! Gabriella happily on her I-pad... while Amaris was "making bad choices".

How is it Gabriella, that you couldn't figure out any time sooner that I should probably come and put a stop to Amaris' fun! The sad thing is, this photo is only a portion of the room... it was a DISASTER!

But Amaris was having the time of her little two year old life!

In just minutes, we would need to get dressed for photos... eat breakfast and get out the door! Geez!

We talked about kindergarten quite a bit as we have been prepping for this new change over the last month.

We had a little princess and butterfly posing done at Babies 'R Us... then, back home for lunch, a nap, and our own ladybug photo shoot. There are lots of photos in the ladybug post today.

We talked some more about kindergarten. I wanted to share an instructional drawing Gabriella did earlier last week of herself... I drew on my paper and she copied what I drew.

We had Chinese pigtails with hair pretties, earrings, and even 5 fingers on each hand.

Earlier last week Gabriella also got to meet her new teacher and classmates. I think that visit was helpful!


We talked about what our morning will be like tomorrow and each school morning hereafter.

Now, it twas the night before kindergarten... we have played, eaten multiple times, but our favorite meal was a frozen yogurt snack... the girls are bathed, Mama has chosen the clothes for tomorrow, Gabriella's snack and backpack are ready... and, the little princesses are fast asleep.

Amaris and I will get some photos of our new kindergartner in the morning... hope we can pull it together to be ready by 8AM.