Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prepping for the Tooth Fairy

October 16, 2012

Thanks to Facebook, Pinterest and the Internet, I can be a really cool mama when it comes to stuff like the Tooth Fairy.

Last week Gabriella shared with us that her tooth was "owee" and she showed us that it was loose. I told her that one day it will come out and she should be careful not to swallow it. She can put it under her pillow for a surprise from the Tooth Fairy.

But, then I got to thinking... there's gotta be something cooler than what happened when I was in need of the Tooth Fairy in the 1970's. So, I started to ask around... and, sure enough... I got a hold of the coolest ideas.

It was actually time for her 6 month check-up with her dentist, so Amaris and I went in to the dentist office while Gabriella was at Kindergarten to give the dentist a package to deliver from the Tooth Fairy.

At the end of Gabriella's cleaning with Barb (above), her dentist brought in the package. 

She even added a Cinderella toothbrush to the top of our package at my request. 
Cinderella is Gabriella's princess. 

They read the note together from the Tooth Fairy.

Here is the Tooth Fairy's door to fly through when it is time to pick up Gabriella's tooth 
to fly it back to Tooth Fairy Land. 

Be sure to check back when her first tooth goes to Tooth Fairy Land...
There are lots of surprises!