Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Kindergarten Princess and Her Silly Side-Kick!

Our biggest little one!

She poses every day for a photo before school with her little mei mei... Amaris Nanette... 
we will release her month in review October 1st... 

but, thought I would give a sneak peek of what a photo shoot REALLY looks like... 
This photo shoot is from 9/11/2012


Amaris, open your eyes!

Can you please just stand there nicely for ONE photo?

Amaris, PLEASE!

Amaris takes Gabriella's hand and smiles a smurky smile and starts walking forward toward me!

After some coaxing, she heads back to the wall... well, kinda!

Any moment now... and, she is going to pull a silly one... oh... here it is!

Amaris Nanette... would you PLEASE hold Gabriella's hand and give me ONE good photo?
The bus is going to be coming any second!

Whatever! Like my underwear? You people have NO IDEA how boring these photo shoots can be!

How about this mama?

This? Will you ever give up Mom?

Can we put the camera down? Anyone!

Why yes, Amaris! As you wish! The bus is here anyway!
And you clearly are done for the moment!