Thursday, July 15, 2010

>24 HRS to Take-off and NO VISA!

With less than 24 hours before we are taking off, Jason realized that we hadn't got my passport stamped for China. No stamp; no trip. No trip; no kid.

While I knew God had everything under control, Jason was FREAKING out!

With the help of many praying friends and adopting friends, I think we all put our heads together and realized I needed to get the next flight to San Francisco to the Chinese Consulate.

Rather than going to bed, I took one of the 5 pre-packed suitcases... dumped it out, and re-packed it for SF and the possibility of going straight to China.

With little info. on the web, it appeared that our best bet was to fly it down and wait. Maybe I would have to wait hours, maybe a day. Maybe I would have to leave without the passport and come home.

I bought my ticket and waited at the airport from 3am until the flight left at 6am.

I didn't know where the Chinese Consulate was, but I had an address. Many prayed for favor for me.

Here is the website if you ever need it: