Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sympathetic Mei Mei

My daughter continually amazes me. Today one of her brothers was crying... hysterically... because he misses Grandma. Grandma suddenly passed away June 26, 2010... and, he had lived with her. Since then, he has joined our family and become one of 3 gu gu's in the house.

Mei Mei and I sat on his bed while crocodile tears poured out of his little 12 year old eyes. I was rubbing his arm. Mei Mei was rubbing his arm too. She watched him intently... not moving... not even a little bit.

Her heart was his. She shared her panda bear with him and continued to pat or rub his arm... for minutes. We sat for 45 minutes with gu gu as he cried and shared with us his thoughts and feelings.

It was precious to see that she could be so attentive and alert to him.

Later, I found the golden retriever on the bed with gu gu. That's totally not okay though. There has got to be a line drawn about which family members are allowed on the bed. Furry ones must be excluded!