Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Moment of Reflection... Home for 6 days

I can't believe we have already been home for 6 days. It seems like we were in China months ago. While we were in China, it seemed like we had been there for a month. I don't understand why time tricks us this way.

China is such a beautiful country. When we flew to Guilin, it was probably some of the most magnificent land to fly over. The hills, rocks, even the way God designed the water to flow... everything was so beautiful, so rich.

Seeing this beauty, it makes me wonder even more, what Heaven is like.

The people of China were so very kind, curious, and always readily available to give a "thumbs up!" Have you ever thought how encouraging it is to get the "thumbs up" several times a day. Where else can you get this but China.

One sweet lady said to me while at McDonalds, "Your baby is so lucky. I know though that you will say, You're the lucky ones." That was for sure. We are the lucky ones. Not because of luck though; but because God supernaturally orchestrated the coming together of this precious little child into our lives.

One thing that made China stand out in such a professional way was their uniforms. Everyone seemed to have a special uniform for their job. They wore them proudly and they did their jobs with excellence. Regardless of the heat or the 95% humidity, they wore their suits or uniforms with class.

Another thing I remember about China is how clean it is. There are more than a billion people there, but when you walk into their cities (we were in Nanning, Guilin, and Guangzhou), they had people in uniforms sweeping, picking up trash, etc. There were people EVERYWHERE working to keep the city beautiful. I wish we would do the same in America. How much we take for granted here in this land of opportunity and freedom.

As we left the airport to drive into the city of Guilin, I marveled at the amazing rockery and design the Chinese put into their walls alongside the road. Everything they did seemed to be by wheelbarrow. No shade, little water, probably not a lot of food, little supplies, heavy labor, no gloves... yet they worked with diligence. I never saw anyone look over another's shoulder. It was as though they worked to build their part of the "wall" or their part of China.

I just had little glimpses into the life of those that live in China. A nation of great beauty. A people of great commitment. A people of great strength.