Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's 3.5 and WHAT SIZE?

The photo above is actually taken ONE YEAR home... 6-9 mo. pants, age 4yr. 6mo.

Our little princess has stopped eating like the books said she would... thank God. She was eating more than Jason and I put together. We never could figure out where she was putting it. But, by the first day home, she was eating like a normal 3 year old.

Now, that being said, she came to us at 25 pounds, so what size should she be?

When I shopped for her, I was surprised to find out that she can wear a 6-9 months on her bottom (as long as they are capris). She wears a 4T on top or as a dress. All of her 4T footed jammies are too small, so, she must wear a 5T.

How could this be?