Monday, July 19, 2010

Her Backpack of Goodies

After Jason and I arrived back at the hotel, we placed Gabriella on the bed and gave her a bit of space. We opened her Mickey Mouse backpack of goodies that were given by her Chinese foster mom.

She had her giraffee-moo-moo, her soft pink bear, a yellow dress, a cow rattle, the monkey toy with our photos in it and both photo albums we sent... the one for the parents and the soft baby one for her. All of these items we had sent her in our care package.

Her foster mama also added a pink doggie like "Blue" and a red Tellatubies telephone which sang songs (this was her favorite toy and brought much comfort to her).

Gabriella came to us in an orange and white striped shirt and some matching shorts. She wore some blue plastic sandals with a little lamb a top them. The piece of candy in her hand was melting, so we threw it away. (Don't get upset... she wasn't. Besides, it wasn't organic... someday she'll understand).