Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Her Name Just Got Longer!

With the discovery of Gabriella's birth mom giving her a name, we have decided to keep it. What an incredible gift.

Gabriella's new name is possibly the longest legal name in all of America.

Gabriella Grace Xu Zhi Ming Wufei Fouts... it has all but 9 letters of the alphabet.

Please read our miracle story behind the name Gabriella.

We gave her the middle name Grace because of the incredible work Grace and Hope for Children is doing in the lives of Chinese children... and, we desire for God's grace to be upon her all the days of her life.

Xu Zhi Ming (pronounced Shur Jer Main) is the name the Guilin orphanage gave her.

Wufei is the name her birth mom gave her.

Fouts, of course, is her last name... that is, until she marries her prince.