Monday, July 19, 2010

Her First Words

When Gabriella saw the "parent" photo album we had given her Chinese foster parents, on the bed, she pointed, grunted, and stretched her arms towards it. We handed it to her.

She opened the photo album up, turned to the first photo and pointed to mama and said, "Mama". She pointed to daddy and said, "Baba." She pointed to Tyanna and said, "Jie Jie", she pointed to Kai and said "Gu Gu". She also pointed to Grandma Hoppins and said "Nai Nai." I called her "Grandma Angel"... not sure if we will keep that name or not... but, since she took off for heaven just 3 weeks ago, I thought we might keep it.

This clearly was her favorite thing. It even beat out the Telatubbie toy. She really was prepared for us.

Later, I handed her, her monkey toy and pointed to Chai and Belle, our dogs. She said, "Gou Gou". Daddy's not sure what she will do when she sees the dogs. That might be a big problem. But, we've been told that she really isn't afraid of anything except animals that fly.