Monday, July 19, 2010

Her First Shower and Toothbrushing

What a day of activity... in the hotel room and mostly on the bed. Baba had to leave to go back to Walmart. With the diarrhea, we didn't want to have a mess to deal with. So, he ran for diapers. While there, he got a couple other things and a Pizza Hut pizza for mama.

While Baba was gone, Mama and Gabriella took our first shower. The kid is amazing. She held on while I washed her up and washed her hair. She did almost slip through my arms... that was a bit scary for me. She wasn't worried though.

We got her Princess jammies on and then I dried her hair with the hair dryer.

We went back and sat on the bed, had a couple bites of banana, plain white rice, and about 4oz. of her bottle of organic formula, some "juice" and some water.

We got up from the bed and brushed her teeth. She opened her mouth for the tooth brush. All the while, she was smiling. We've got such an easy baby!