Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24 Hour Shopping

After the Guangzhou Zoo, we came back for another shower... typically, we take 3 showers a day. We rested for a couple hours, checked our email, and then went to dinner and to do some night shopping.

We went to the local shops (not the overpriced mall where just about everything costs $30-$45 each) and chose a number of items. We had each store hold the items for a day... mostly so that we could see what was at each store and not be stuck with items that weren't as cool as something else.

We will purchase them tomorrow evening. We got back to the hotel after 10pm... Mei Mei didn't fall asleep until midnight. That was a bit of a struggle.

Some things that I remember about today were Mei Mei learning that the stroller is a good thing. Baba doesn't have to carry her everywhere or be with her all the time. She loves me dearly now. She even takes naps without crying fits for an hour or more. Yeah! So glad that's happening now. She is a sweet, funny, girl with a huge personality that longs for the attention of others... and, she will get it with her very funny facial expressions with both her mouth and eyes.