Sunday, July 25, 2010

Her First English Word: "Shoes"

Later in the evening, our group went to the local Thai restaurant. The same one we went to last night. It’s the only food I have liked so far in China… minus Pizza Hut and Starbucks. We sat with Amy and her son Trevor (17) and new daughter Madelyn. We enjoyed getting to know one another better after being Facebook friends through our adoption journey.

Both yesterday and today Jason brought me a mocha from Starbucks. Oh, how it tastes so good when you have been without for so long.

After dinner, we went shopping for little Mei Mei to get her a pair of shoes. Her first American word was “shoes.” Jason, being the nice guy, let her choose her own shoes. But, she chose some pink ones with baby Mickey on them… not going to work for Mama. Her clothes are princess clothes… nothing Mickey until we get to Disneyland. So, Mama chose a different pair... pink sandals with a diamond on them. She was so excited.