Sunday, July 25, 2010

Her First Swim

After our nap, we went for our first swim at the Wharton Hotel swim pool. It was warm outside. I sat by a palm tree and took photos of Baba and Mei Mei. They were having a fun time giggling while in the water.

While I was taking video, I felt something stinging me, but it wasn’t enough to move. I was in the perfect spot to get some great photos. But, it was time for me to get in to the pool as well.

As I sat next to the pool with my feet in the water, I noticed red bumps on my legs. I had been bitten by some tiny ants. As I turned to look where I had sat, I thought I was going to throw up. They must have come out of the hole when I sat next to it. Gross!

Mei Mei's first experience in the water ended in joyful splashes. She understood "splashes/splashing" and was able to say water by the end of our adventure.