Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Pearl Market

We went shopping at the Pearl Market. I was delighted to find this amazingly huge bracelet with genuine purple stones in it… the thing glistened “money”. It was so gorgeous. It was really all I wanted… but, it wasn’t a pearl item. When I asked how much it was, I gasped when they told me $904 American. It was sold by weight. I was sad to have to leave it behind.

I decided to buy 2 sets of pearl earrings. One for me… one for Mei Mei. I also bought Mei Mei her own pearl necklace that the gal made right in front of me with the pearl strand I chose. It was quite interesting to watch. The girls are very fast at making these necklaces.

Jason and Mei Mei hung out while I bartered. I was able to get each set of pearl earrings for $18 each and the necklace for $45. I am pretty positive I got the most beautiful earrings in the store (in the size I purchased).

We bought a couple items for Tyanna today; but, we didn’t have any luck finding anything for Kai or their cousins Jordan and Corban.