Monday, July 26, 2010

Second Day for Immunizations... 5 in Total Plus TB Test

Monday, July 26, 2010
This morning we went back to Shamian Island for Gabriella to be evaluated for her TB test. She did not have any reaction. We also had to get 3 more shots (5 in total in 3 days… plus the TB test). She cried before they even started. She stopped crying immediately after they handed her two candies... one for each hand.

I wonder what it would cost, or what we can do, to protect our children from having immunizations in foreign countries. How much could I bribe… and who? I want to know so that when we bring our next daughters home, we will be well prepared.

Someone did say, if the child was “too sick” the Chinese doctor would provide a note that would allow the child to come to America without immunizations. I wonder what “too sick” means. I have to admit, that I was surprised they took the time to check her temperature before giving her, her immunizations... but, I wonder what it would have had to be to not get them.

We shopped a little on the island. We bought 2 pair of Chinese traditional shoes to match her two Chinese outfits and some cute plastic sandals for her to wear by Christmas. We also bought a few more outfits. I think the Burberry jacket and dress are my favorite.