Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tough Love!

On the way home from our exhausting afternoon, Mama decided it was time for some tough love. Baba helped Mama and Mei Mei into the back of the cab while Baba stayed up front. Mei Mei threw an enormous fit… much like she has for the last day and half… not wanting ANYTHING to do with Mama unless Baba is completely out of the room.

If Baba is gone, we can do anything together. Mama held Mei Mei as she kicked, pinched and screamed all the way back to the hotel. She was madder than a hornet. I decided to continue the tough love and carried her up to the hotel room while Baba stayed behind. I put her in the shower and then too bed with Mama. Baba came in after she was asleep.

While we have realized that a rigid schedule right now is important, it’s not always practical. Mei Mei got a short nap and then we had to wake her up. We didn’t want her to sleep too long because we want to go to bed at a decent hour later in the evening.

Mei Mei is learning that both Mama and Baba are important... even if tears are shed. She can COMPLETELY turn the tears on and off in a 1/3 of a second... and, I am not joking!