Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Shopping, American Food, and Vertigo

We purchased all the clothes we found last night. We also went to another shopping area earlier in the day and found a couple things.

I keep seeing super cute outfits on the people passing me by, but can't seem to find anything in the stores.

Even the things I do find, that I might buy, are just as expensive, or more, than what we would find in America... that's frustrating. I do enjoy the bartering though. But, I will be grateful to get back to Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Max.

We are really tired of eating Chinese, but Jason really doesn't want to eat American fast food either. Argh. We ate at KFC and McDonald's today. He also ordered a couple bowls of noodle soup. Despite what others say, I am an EXTREMELY picky eater even in America. I only eat cow and chicken breast... no other meat, nor anything from the ocean. While we do not eat fast food in America, KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut have not only been good, they have often been sought for. Pizza Hut is probably the best in my opinion.

I feel like I am experiencing vertigo since being here. Not sure why, but I am often dizzy (even while resting) and am always tired). I have no idea if it could possibly be related to our protein levels, but they are extremely low... we each eat 2 fried eggs in the morning. Who wants mutton liver, pig snouts, duck wings, back bones, and other yummy food items for their meals?