Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Consulate Appointment was Today!

Today was our Consulate Appointment (CA). Jason and I showed our passports to the US consulate employee. We sat in a room with about 40 other adopting families. There were several windows. They called each child by their Chinese name and they, and their family, went to the window for Mama or Baba to sign a paper with baby's info. and picture on it.

It's a very fast process. When everyone is done, one of the U.S. Chinese adoption employees shared some fun facts with us. There will be about 3,000 visa's issued this year for adoptions in China. About 57% of those will be children with special needs.

We all stood, held up our right hand, and took an oath that everything we said in our paperwork was true.

The gal congratulated us and then we left. We went "window" shopping today. Which was a real bummer because I found some really cool things; but had no money.

We ate pizza at Pizza Hut with Amy and her son Trevor (17) and daughter Madelyn (6).

We then returned to the hotel by 6pm to pack for our departure home. Oh, how good it is going to be to be finally home.

I am so tired of looking at Chinese food. I know I have shared several times about our food choices, but I am going to share again... duck tongue with ginger, boneless duck feet with ginger, tasty pork trotters, chilled marinated jellyfish with vinegar, roasted crispy pigeon, marinated goose liver with spring onions, double-boiled pork bone with olive and dragon's tongue leaf in soup, steamed loofah with dried whitebait and XO sauce, stewed pork knuckle and sea cucumber with shrimp roe.

Had I stayed away from the plain noodles, fried rice, and steamed buns, I could have lost 20 pounds in the last 14 days.