Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medical Check-up on Shamian Island

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today Gabriella and the Lifeline kids went to Shamian Island for their medical check-up.

Gabriella was weighed (11.6 kg/ 25.5lbs), measured (36.3 inches), and had her temperature taken under her arm (97 degrees). She was all smiles.

Miko was awesome... she was so with it... All of our guides from Lifeline were phenomenal.

Those little eyes are going to have to get checked out when we get home.

Then, she went into another little room where the “doctor” asked if she could walk. Jason answered, “No.” He measured her head (which is 15 inches – the same as her waist). He also had her lay down and lift her left and right leg once each. She knew what he was saying, but it wasn’t much of anything. Of course, she was wobbly. He certainly didn’t seem like a "doctor"... just another guy in a white suit. He moved her legs quickly. I think even her knees. She was done in less than 3 minutes.

Then, we went into the ENT room (Ear, Nose, and Throat). I don’t even remember the “doctor” doing anything. I know she played a xylophone for the little girl in front of us.

Notice the fingers in my kids mouth... icky!

From there, we paid the cashier 1515 yuan (about $237).

This is our friend Esther...

Our final stop was the immunizations. I have a very strong opinion about immunizations… even in America where the process is "safe" and supposedly "healthy"… and, new needles are used each time. They gave Gabriella 2 shots and 1 TB test. She will have 3 shots on Monday when her TB test is evaluated. Argh! I want to say very bad words. What upsets me most is that America decided that all immigrants need to have their immunizations updated prior to entering America. That's so ridiculous for adopting families. Gabriella was supposed to have 5 shots and a TB test in one day. Are you kidding me... that is like suicide... if only we could get out of this, I would. She will have 3 of those shots on Monday.

Fast forward to Monday... 

It is day 3 for the TB reading... and, another 3 immunizations. 

Notice the difference in these two photos... taken 5 seconds apart... that's candy in her hand. 

After our visit, we went to Lucy’s for lunch. Lucy's is where all the Americans go. It wasn’t that impressive. I think I am not "called" to live in China. I ordered espresso ice cream… that’s exactly what it was... espresso poured over my ice cream. ☺ I also ordered a cheeseburger with fries and onion rings. I am not sure what the “cheese” actually was. And, I am not sure what kind of “burger” that was. The fries were edible. The onion rings tasted okay.

This was a part of our walk from the medical facility to Lucy's.

She does NOT want to have anything to do with this... and, because she can not stand on her own (not even for 1 second), we had to be right next to her to catch her before she falls.

When we returned from the island, we had Gabriella take a nap while Jason finished up some paperwork.